Jul 26, 2016

With the mentor Pope Francesco we restore the sense of faith

While I address a salute to Pope Ratzinger, who with the withdrawal from the Petrine ministry has shown humility of mind, we welcome to the papal throne Jorge Bergoglio who measure accurately the choice of the pontifical name directing it towards Francesco. The Holy Father greets us with fraternal way and asks us to pray for him so that he’ll be able to fulfill his mission of spiritual guide for the faithful. In addition to pray we have the moral duty to help him in this goal. How? Reflecting on the meaning of faith, indeed, restoring it because prayer, severed from the action, loses much of its value. 
Pope Francesco the sense of faith Loving San Francisco
The faith isn’t acquired from the breviary, and isn’t consolidated with the knowledge of religion, because it means hearing with the soul. It finds its raison d’être in the constant dialogue that we should establish with the conscience and that also should involve the atheist because must not only be the fear of God to be a deterrent to evil actions. In theory it’s simple approaching the subject, but the perception and the daily application of righteousness is a matter that requires caution. Since the world is characterized by free will (by God’s will) and by the lack of balance between good and evil, health and sickness, wealth and poverty, we’re often impelled to believe that luck and joy are attributable to awards that the Lord gives us for having done good. But that reasoning can’t be applied to the less fortunate people.
We haven’t understood that the distribution of rewards and punishments doesn’t take place in earthly life, but rather the Judgment Day. But how to explain the inequalities? Whether or not you believe they’re trials to which we’re subjected. It even might come to argue that it’s a kind of little tricks of God to test our behaviors. Who leads a wretched life is put to the test and will have to continue to have faith and doing right even when he/she sees the evil and no chance of redemption, but only the constant social and human deterioration.
While those who live in comfort and they enjoy the luck of meet the good people, get a good job, get married with a kind and caring consort, have children or grandchildren in good health and healthy, he/she is equally placed in front of a trial. He/she will thinks that everything is owed him/her or that is receiving deserved rewards and this will make he/she greedy, proud, haughty and without the slightest regard for others. He/she will pray and will go to the Holy Mass, but he/she won’t carry out ever acts of faith, those which by definition are unconditional and dictated only by the humble consideration towards each other and not with a view to profit. 
Source: “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, an italian newspaper, March 20, 2013, p. 16. 

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