Jul 1, 2016

Moon Landing... over the fourth wall

     Theatrum mundi. Landing on the moon.
     The title alludes to the deep affinity that binds two places designate to fiction staging.
     In the night between 20 and 21 July of '69, the whole world stopped to observe the extent to which the progress had gone. Step by step, media have highlighted the event, the bigger and better set of all time.
     Recently, however, it was contested the veracity of moon landing and opened the NASA archives.
     The essay reviews the modality of landing presentation by the media. Are called to give evidence: the colossus of the printed paper "Corriere della Sera", the member of the South press "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno"; "L’Europeo", the historic Italian weekly magazine founded in 1945, and "Panorama", one of the popular weeklies in Italy.
     The book uses media and its evolution as a portal opened on the Sixties (the 1969s). 
     Silvana Calabrese, Theatrum mundi. Landing on the moon, Rome 2011, p. 200.
Moon Landing... over the fourth wall

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