Jul 19, 2016

2012: the world ends or doesn’t end? The new Hamlet doubt

     A couple of years ago was often heard on television advertising of some Tv programs, including Voyager, and we could see how they were based on impact phrases (words meant for effect) such as: "2012: the end of the world?".
Maya Kukulcan El Castillo Chichén Itza
     While inserting the question mark, the sentence contains an intrinsic affirmation candidate to take root in the minds of viewers.
     May be in few are really interested in the Maya civilization, but today they have gained the most fame thanks to the powerful message that media has carried.
     The alleged end of the world has not generated a collective psychosis, but a sense of power by individuals. Humanity has shown, in the historical ages, its desire about a topic: being able to establish the exact date or year in which the life on planet Earth will cease. Our presumption will never end!
2012: the world ends or doesn’t end?
     However, we believed in the words of TV hosts, verbal words full of significance and relevance that the media resonance has given them. But we are also ran in the bookstore to buy one or more copies of those books that promised to exhaust the entire repertoire about the infamous 2012.
     Television has a hypnotic power... even when it’s going to deny that a message had been established.
     If Giacobbo has continued to talk about the end of the world and if then it that wasn’t turned up for the appointment, the entire credibility of the host would have collapsed much faster than the Berlin Wall. Now in his transmission he portrayed the topic and prepares us for the event will not happens.
     It a luck that written thing on paper and appropriately dated resist to the passing of time, because I really have a quote for you: «Someone observing some Maya bas-reliefs, wanted to see spaceships. Some argue that the same Maya were aliens. In support of this claim, they report the fact that the facial features of Maya are too far removed from those of the native Mesoamericans. The Mayan calendar bring back two forward-looking statements: the first concerned the Spanish conquest; the second refers to a date, December 21, 2012, the day on which, according to prophecy, will end a cosmic cycle. This prediction of the future, shouldn’t be seen as the end of the world, but it indicates the end of a galactic year. It’s assumed that Maya had discovered not only that the Earth revolves around the Sun, but also that the solar system performs a rotational motion around the galaxy. A galactic year, indicating the complete tour, takes about 25,626 years». 
     Quote from: S. CALABRESE, All the mysteries aresolved, Rome, 2009, pages 98-162.
     And: “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, an Italian newspaper, Jan 7, 2012, p. 16.  

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