Jul 20, 2016

Is time travel possible? With Pixum, you can

     We will never stop fantasizing about the possibility of making time travel. We would like to relive historical events or personal Moving quickly through time and space.
Silvana Calabrese Snowball Golden Gate Bridge Loving San Francisco
     Since each concept is flexible, it is also the expression "time travel", and one of its meanings makes it possible. Worth the example of photograph that gives moments, contexts, environments and faces and preserves them from the inexorable passage of time. In an afternoon of respite from the busy schedule, try to take an old album and you will realize how to be able to carry you away on memory lane, and to involve friends and relatives.
     But that's not all. All the achievements of mankind suffer later developments, maintaining the original shape. This is because we are creative, or lovers of perfectionism, or constantly looking for innovative openings that create (very important) new employment opportunities.
     I could not resist to the temptation to write the preamble above. It is necessary to introduce my personal experience with Pixum, a company dedicated to photo printing, photo books, posters, paintings, mugs, magnets, bags, puzzles, playing cards, memo card and a wide range of customizable products with your own photos.
     With the services offered by Pixum are accomplished miracles by information technology mixed with the effects of globalization.
     This is the chance to get home the selected and personalized product in a few days and comfortably.
     It is a way to sprinkle our photos with a handful of charm till to obtain real gadgets with our image in effigy ... as if we were celebrities. Isn’t it our innermost desire?
     Anyone who knows me remind my great passion for San Francisco, the city that I feel very close although geographically distant. I was certain that I would have bought some souvenirs if I went there. In my mind had outlined an idea of what I would have purchased: a snowball depicting the famous bridge in California. The coincidences are nothing more the twisted lines of destiny. In fact, I had the opportunity to test a product Pixum has fulfilled my desire.
     Do you want to try it for yourself? Please visit www.pixum.com, choose a product and customize it. Then put it into the cart and fill out the order form with your personal data.
Navigation of this site is natural, but unique is the experience that Pixum makes about photo.
Pixum is emerging as a rising star of custom photography. The company was founded in Germany in 2000 and has gradually expanded in several European countries and then moved to Italy in 2005 with Pixum.it.
     The solid ambition of the company is reflected in its mission because Pixum aspires to become the leading photo printing service in Europe. To fulfil the lens is committed to offering the best quality in the market, targeted to the wishes and needs of customers. 
     It is usual to consider advertising as the soul of trade, but nowadays there has been a degeneration of this conception which is expressed in spot redundant and often poorly structured. Pixum has a noble soul reaching out to customer satisfaction, which word of mouth will be the best advertising that is possible.

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