Jul 16, 2016

Daedalus Publishing: Little Library of Science

     Book review: Christophe Cassou, Weather and climate doesn’t rhyme!, Daedalus Publishing, Bari 2014, pp. 64. 
     Book review: Pierre Papon, Let’s full of energy!, Dedalus Publishing, Bari 2014, pp. 64. 
     In what we want to invest our future? The correct answer is: in children, the younger generation. How? Following the suggestion of the historian Marc Bloch, according to which we have to explain a simple concept that starts from the question of own child and at the same time it’s necessary to stimulate new curiosity in children.
Little Library of Science Loving San Francisco
     In a society dominated by the frenzy comes to our rescue the book series “Little Library of Science” designed by the Daedalus Publisher that from own works reveals altruism toward readers of all ages. The mission of the book series, which addresses to the curious from 9 to 99 years, is to take on scientific issues in a simple way. The authors are scientists and experts who answer to the childlike questions able to condense profound existential and environmental curiosity.
     Only the tenderness of a little child is able to feel the vulnerability of the planet where we live and encourage their family to take measures that can pamper the Earth. The two texts I’m going to review, “Weather and climate doesn’t rhyme!” and “Let’s full of energy!”, seem related and basically they are.
     Climate and weather are indicative of the globe health level. Current is the issue of climate change which follows the global warming alarm. To a child is like the Earth had a fever and should absolutely be healed. Climatologist Christophe Cassou stands next to his young readers and guide them in the fascinating journey of discovery of meteorological phenomena of which so much is said and little is understood. He translates the buzzwords of technical jargon and puts them at the level of nippers understanding.
     Each book is organized as an exciting story that tells the adventures of the characters which discover new phenomena and find creative gimmicks to understand them.
     Alongside of physics and chemistry industrial professor Pierre Papon, we discover the treasures of the Earth i.e. all types of energy and the different ways to produce it, store it, use it as best but never exploit it. 
     The books are close to the families in the delicate phase of the education of children and their human and cultural formation. Isn’t a coincidence that the location of the tale Let’s full of energy! is the farmland, the only place in the world where you can develop an awareness of the environment sensitivity and show gratitude for the precious elements that the planet gives us.

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