Sep 29, 2016

Endless love Soundtrack All our endless love – The Bird and the Bee

endless love Loving San Francisco blog[Verse 1: Inara George]
At first I was scared
The way these feelings started coming on
I couldn’t breathe without you there
I couldn’t see without you in my arms
I opened up my eyes to find your eyes already open
I see a piece of me inside
As if it’s been there all the time

Endless Love Loving San Francisco
[Hook: Inara George]
I am just blood, I am just bones
I am just a heart that’s beating out
every second of your touch
I am just stars, I am just sky
I am falling to the rhythm of all your endless love

[Verse 2: Matt Berninger]
It keeps me up at night
Was there a time I lived without you?
Just living off your air
Every breath is all about you 
I’m spinning all the worlds around
To try and rearrange them
I work so hard to say goodnight
But there's too much of you left behind

endless-love-Loving San Francisco
[Hook: Inara George & Matt Berninger]
I am just blood, I am just bones
(You are just running through my veins)
I am just a heart (Keeping me alive)
that’s beating out(Rushing everywhere)
every (Inside of me) second of your touch
I am just stars, I am just sky
(You are everything I see)
I am falling (Stretched ahead of me) to the rhythm
(I’m not afraid, just let me fall) of all your endless love

[Bridge: Inara George & Matt Berninger]
Is this really ending? 
Is this really ending?
All our endless love

Endless-Love-Poster Loving San Francisco
I am just blood, I am just bones
(You are just running through my veins)
I am just a heart (Keeping me alive)
that’s beating up (rushing everywhere)
every (Inside of me) second of your touch
I am just stars, I am just sky
(You are everything I see)
I am falling (Stretched ahead of me) to the rhythm 
(I’m not afraid, just let me fall) of all your endless love

Sep 24, 2016

My last will in favour of Bari

My legacy to the City hall of Bari 
     The undersigned Silvana Calabrese, born in Bari on 11.01.1987, here resident and here graduated in full possession of her mental faculties appoints the City hall of Bari her sole heir. In this way should start a last will, provided always has not looked too much movies. As in this, we jumped back with the subtitle "A few months before". I tried to do something for which the environmentalists would be grateful to me: make my trips by bus. So I committed to not touch the car keys, among other things, a free loan because it belongs to another member of my household and therefore excluded from my last will. So I immersed myself in the fascinating world of "public transport" early by learning the lingo: "is overflowing", "missed the race", "lags", "rose early", "has a fault". I purchase a ticket but do not use it because I can’t ever take the bus.
My last will in favour of Bari Silvana Calabrese
     I’m not a psychic, but I know that when my grandmother out of the house and take the public transportation, I will come her phone call and not because I’m her favourite grandchild, but because the bus has failed or miss two or more races. I came to the conclusion that it is much easier to get on a tank (at the Levante Fiera – fair, exhibition – was possible a few years ago).
     Many baresians tried to reduce polluting emissions of their cars taking public transportation: some buy simple tickets for € 0.80, while others find easier to subscribe the season ticket; and others take a fine of € 50 which is positively because it should be added to the funds for bus maintenance. Yet the efficiency almost always low levels and during peak hours the number of Amtab bus on the road doesn’t increase, forcing passengers to compress.
     I remember that when the mayor Emiliano appeared on the political scene was attributed him a major advantage: to have practiced the profession of magistrate that had made him closer to the problems of their fellow citizens, but to be truly such, the mayor should try at least once public transport and not for a walk, but for errands.
     [How I ventured to promise isn’t an isolated case: in 1933 in California was built Coit Tower, a memorial tower as a result of the bequest by Lillie Hitchcock Coit to beautify San Francisco, the city to which Lillie bequeathed the third part of her assets "that were spent in an appropriate manner in order to increase the splendor of the city which I have always loved"].
     Now tell me if what I have written, legally speaking, counts as a last will or should I go to a notary. 
     Source “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, an italian newspaper, October 18, 2010, p. 18.

Sep 19, 2016

How to make success? The secret of success

The secret of success in demeritocratic age
     A rapidly scale ranking of the well-guarded and unveiled secrets, that the first place belonged to the recipe for Coca-Cola, is the secret of success. The publishing industry is full of recipes to be successful and also the great historical figures had spread their view: the British Prime Minister Churchill stated that we should never, never, never give up; and the U.S.A. president F. D. Roosevelt in his inaugural speech of his mandate argued that the only thing to fear was the same fear. 
Silvana Calabrese Loving San Francisco
     Bellino makes it a "Philosophy of success" and explains the main constant: the ability to withstand hard work and sacrifices. There are texts that suggest the achievement of personal fulfillment by passing some stages. Undertake a goal, a target, producing motivation and great determination. Is important to prepare us for the achievement of the target set. Be needed initiative, action, willpower and constant propulsion, because barriers were not slow to appear, and ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome them and continue along the path due to the effect of perseverance and tenacity. The project needs confidence in their abilities. 
     The path should lead to a "golden door", beyond which we’ll be able to reap the fruits of our labor. All this presupposes a substratum of meritocracy in granting the opportunity for which we engage. If this ingredient is missing, let me divulge the recipe suitable to the context. Concentrate and try to focus on your dream, not what you have to transfer from the drawer in the wardrobe with three doors, but that to be made with the concern. Done? Now imagine the path to follow in order to achieve and crown that ambition. Done? Now take the opposite route. I’m sober, lucid and recovering from a survey conducted in the city: the candidates in an open competition motivate their choice by claiming that they do it only for money and win. Who was running for passion, but of course also for economic stability, will not find location for his/her promising talent. Remember those entrepreneurs who expressed disgust at the young people who during the job interview asked the amount of pay? It was just an excuse, because whoever breaks them back saying he/she didn’t have great financial claims is not given equally. 
     Source "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, March 12, 2012, p. 22.

Sep 15, 2016

Sammichele of Bari through the Onciario land register of 1752

Demographic, family and social frames. 
Sammichele of Bari through the Onciario land register of 1752
In memory of Lorella Cedroni
This work represents a clear vision of a déjàvu. We’re witnessing, not exempt, to an economic global crisis followed by the increase of unemployment, especially young, and we are sunk into the vortex of ungovernability. 
Sammichele of Bari through the Onciario land register of 1752 Silvana Calabrese
Taxes spare the wealthy and oppresses the humble, indeed, fees seem thought for them. The problems which threaten the daily life and from which we haven’t a chance to escape, our ancestors have already seen and experienced them. And it isn’t necessary a seance session to say that, but a visit to the state archives, otherwise known as places of memory, born to preserve the traces of the past.
It’s a journey back in time to understand how the situation has evolved in our country, because present and future aren’t released from the past but represent the result. At the archival papers thought up the authoress who restores voice to bygone era people and dusts off environments and political scenarios that were the background to the events of the Eighteenth Century.
Will be considerable the interest in discovering the profiles of family, work and income life in a period in which the redaction of the Onciario land register was designed to ensure a fair distribution of taxes in the Kingdom of Naples.
For what readership 
For those who want to experience the adventure of a sectorial reading, but not incomprehensible. For those who have always wanted to make time travel. Broadly speaking, this book permits it. For all those who are curious to know if in the past there ever was a form of social justice. For those who want to look back to be able to project it more elastically to the future. For those who love history, the discipline that allows to join with own collective identity. For young people who are on the verge of conducting studies on archival sources.

Sep 9, 2016

I no longer believe in this society

     My name is Silvana Calabrese, graduated student in Communication Sciences at the University of Bari, writing to express my deep disappointment about different topics.
Silvana Calabrese Loving San Francisco
     What prompts me to write to you is the deep anxiety that loom me recently. It concerns my future career on which hangs the darkest darkness. But reflecting on it I came to the conclusion that unemployment is the lesser of evils in our society. Any initiative healthy and constructive comes to mind of a young person inevitably encounters some insurmountable obstacles. And there is no greater outrage that the nature of these obstacles. I have little more than twenty-two years ago and I think I’m too young to have already lost faith and hope, and I not only speak of faith in God, who blame him for having given us free will, the more unhappy decision that could take because no man is able to manage themselves. I no longer believe in the society in which I live.
     I’ll do some example from my own life. I am the author of a book, a scientific paper in which writing I thought a lot. But to take off my work has been a hell. Publishers to whom I turned really appreciated the content, the problem was my lack of notoriety. During the heated discussions with them it has been pulled out a name: Franzoni. It was explained to me that the company would prefer to read her book because of the attraction provoked by bloody crime events even if linked to the brutal murder of a child.
     On the tastes we shouldn’t discuss but there is a limit to everything. Over the years have been lost some of the values ​​that made us human, but now we have retained only the human form. At the same moment when I felt frustrated for my book I was struck by a news: "He invested four boys: now he’s a star. € 50 thousand to write the book. Is how he should collect Marco Ahmetovic, the twenty-two years old Rumanian sentenced to six years a half in the first instance for the massacre of Appignano del Tronto, where died, hit by the van drunk nomadic, four young of the small town near Ascoli Piceno".
     I don’t think is necessary to comment the news. We have dismounted. Every action has its consequences, the worst is yet to come, but we are still on time for a turnaround. It’s not the society changing, but individuals who compose it.
     I highly doubt that I received a response, people don’t ever deny. 
     Source "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, June 25, 2009, p. 24.

Sep 5, 2016

Let’s celebrate Labor Day!

     Labor Day (U.S.) or Labour Day is a national annual holiday to celebrate workers. It falls on the first Monday of September.
     It’s similar to the International Workers’ Day that is celebrated in the other countries in the world.
Generally this federal holiday corresponds with the end of the summer season.
     In this important day people celebrate social and economic achievements of American workers by the creation of the labour union movement.
     The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882 in New York by the Central Labor Union. Two years later that holiday was observed by many industrial centers of the country.
     Then, from a legislative point of view, that holiday rose and in 1894 almost the totality of the states followed Labor Day till the Congress approved an act making the first Monday of September of each year a legal holiday in the national territories. 
     Since the XIX century this Nationwide holiday has a lot of exhibitions with street parades and amusement for workers and their families. 
Labor day Usa Loving San Francisco