Jul 8, 2016

Many objects are in the forefront. And why not the corset?

That corset too innovative for Puglia
Scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis: are accentuations of the physiological curves of the vertebral column. They require preventive and corrective actions, but we can’t talk about healing. Although irreversible conditions, those are not the accused words, but the medical negligence together with the innovation lack. We love fringe us with well–advanced objects, but in the orthopedics field we are resigned to vintage. The corset, or orthopedic corset, is tailored and applied to solve those problems.
Silvana Calabrese corset scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis Loving San Francisco
 In severe cases we undergoes surgery. Corsets range is wide: there is a kind Boston, Lionese, Riviera; Lapadula; Cheneau; Spinecor, the immovable Risser plaster cast, the Milwaukee model with or without cervical ring. Versatile names that divert the attention from health problem and direct us to the fashion effect. Corsets are rigid, made of polyethylene (ie synthetic) and hardly bearable especially by child/adolescent. They are also old, be enough to think that the Lapadula dates back to the Sixties. Great for erotism and already used in that field. The treatment consists in wear them for many hours a day, but it’s almost impossible and many people renounce losing the ability to realize postural benefits. The solution lies in innovation: it was patented in the United States (homeland of scoliosis) a new generation corset which represents the new frontier of orthopedic correction. It offers a better toleration, even in summer, due to the characteristics of the production material: carbon fibers. It is breathable and antistatic due to the special conductive fibers that absorb and dissipate electrostatic charges.
However, in Puglia we are stuck with antiquated models, flag–bearer of a fossilized mentality. At this point, the conversation becomes an affluent that flows in their long–issue of health Organization gangrenous composed by doctors, often greedy for money accumulation and not knowledge, and by physiotherapy that is slow to catch on with correction techniques and equipped gyms. Remains in vogue private institutions, real cooperatives of physiatrists striving for innovation. All this forces families to become emigrants at home, making the journeys of hope in their own country in search of an updated region. The achievement of a broader visions caused an economic splurge for families already immersed in temporary work. It’s time to expand our field of action. Too long emeritus primary reached the summit of his career, placing the metaphorical ladder on weak and crooked backs. I’d like imagine the doctor as if he/she were Atlas, the Titan of Greek mythology that keeps the entire heavens on his shoulders, to lift/solace his neighbor from the pains that afflict him/her. Medicine isn’t it altruism? 
Source: “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, an italian newspaper, March 12, 2013, p. 24.

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