Oct 8, 2016

Googleplex is waiting for this. New goal: digitizing the whole archival heritage

Monopoli Loving San FranciscoGoogleplex is waiting for this
New goal: digitizing the whole archival heritage
     Google Books project started in 2010. When the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Roma took their first volumes destined to inaugurate the project of digitization of the library. 
     The volumes will become digital files, suitable to be stored and accessed in the near future thanks to the agreement signed between the MiBAC and Google Books in March 2010 for the digitization of a minimum of 500,000 texts up to a maximum of one million volumes.
Wood's Lamp ancient manuscript Loving San Francisco

     It is a project designed for the preservation of rare books and valuable, priceless heritage of libraries, large enhancement, use and disclosure of relevant materials. 
     For the first time, the works, now entrusted only to the transience of the paper, will be made accessible through the Internet in digital form.
Ancient manuscript Bitonto XVI century
     Prevention and recovery of stolen volumes, small restoration, virtual reconstruction of incomplete editions, consultation of the material without limits of space and time, are just some of the economic advantages which involves the project.
     For its part Google, at the express request the Ministry of Culture, has created a Scanning Center in Italy, where will the digitization and production of digital files of individual pages, text files generated by optical character recognition technology.
Ancient manuscript Sammichele VIII century

     But now we have to reach a new frontier: digitizing the whole archival heritage.
     It’s part of my research work and my ambitions. It’s also part of my desire to preserve the documentary heritage of my country.
     I digitized some important ancient documents now in a state of deterioration. I saved them from the ravages of time.
     Maybe Googleplex is waiting for this. 
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