Jul 14, 2016

Bossi has demonstrated the effectiveness of policies … for the family

Family policies Loving San Francisco Silvana Calabrese
     A recent event such as the news of Umberto Bossi resignation from Northern League will invoke a remote one as the controversial phrase uttered in a diplomatic memorandum on August 2, 1847 by Klemens von Metternich: "Italy is a geographical expression". The historical context proves to be enlightening, in fact the years that were flowed into 1848 coincide with the national revolutions. The Restoration period began in 1815 with the Congress of Vienna aims to establish a social and political order based on that existing before the French Revolution. The Austrian statesman Metternich watched a divided Italy on which would be easier to exercise the Austrian influence. Who read between the lines of "The Battle", dictionary of the Italian language, can see how that phrase is used to describe a nation that hasn’t yet achieved political unity. But now Italy what is it? Has become of expression of what? And how long we don’t hear more news that could be called political rather than relating to the politicians private lives? Bossi hoped for fiscal federalism in the country and to get the popular support has leveraged on the area in which we are weaker, Italian language, proposing the idea that each school is teaching the regional dialect. While he entertained us and mesmerized us was dedicated to the unification of money within a file with the heading "The Family". It seems almost a mitigating factor because his operations were aimed at the welfare of the fundamental cell of society, the family, his family. We disclaim, so the claim that Italy invests little on family policies because Bossi isn’t the first to "borrow" some money for the final exams of his son Renzo, jumped to the headlines in 2008, or however, to guarantee his family a decent standard of living. It’s almost creepy the sequence of images aimed at documenting the professional climb of Umberto Bossi, but under those lights and flash there were already gray areas that have become increasingly bleak and we can’t really say that the social top was been reached with sacrifices. Only some Italians have close encounters of the third kind with the concept of sacrifice and pay for the vices of the arrogant and powerful. I conclude with a new maximum, emblem of the period of the cuts even on syllables: Italy is a peninsula, but a pain. 
     Source: "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, April 8, 2012, p. 20.

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