Director and staff of "Loving San Francisco" coincide with the same person... Silvana Calabrese, Ph. D.
     Born in 1987, I'm an italian woman with the passion for San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge
     I graduated in Communication Science, I'm a writer and blogger. 
     "La scorribanda legale" is my first blog written in Italian but available in every language (thank to google translator).
     I love postcards, stamps, photos because are my way to travel everywhere. 
    About unrealized dreams, I've had so many for a long time that I had to transfer them in a three-door cupboard! 
     Moving to California in my future plan because the history of Golden Gate Bridge charming me
     I hope you enjoy this reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. 
     Best wishes, 

P.S.: If my English isn't good enough, so... I beg your pardon. I'm trying to improve it.

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