Jan 18, 2017

The world of snorkelling, scuba diving

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     Go snorkelling and you’ll be surprised at the fantastic beauty of the underwater world. Like swimming, you start learning how to snorkel in a swimming pool and need swimming skills such as swimming 200 yards, and swimming  40 feet underwater. You must take lessons and learn how to use the equipment, before you try diving in the sea. Why not find out if there is a sub-aqua club in your town?

The snorkel
The important considerations are comfort and fit. Bite gently on the snorkel tube and practise breathing through it. Try this with your face in the water before you begin to swim.
Snorkelling Loving San Francisco

The mask
Always test your mask. Press it against your face and breathe in. If it stays in place, it fits. Make sure you can touch your nose easily.

Your flippers should be comfortable, so get professional advice. Put on the flippers in shallow water and walk backwards. Flippers help you to swim faster without using your arms.

Wearing a life-jacket is a good idea – it helps you float in an emergency.

Golden rules for safe snorkelling
-          Never snorkel alone. Always take a friend with you.
-          Watch the weather. Diving is dangerous in bad weather.
scuba diving snorkeling Loving San Francisco
-          Don’t go too far from shore or your boat.
-          Always keep your partner in sight.
-          Learn basic snorkelling skills with an instructor.
-          Don’t go out with badly fitting equipment.
-          Don’t tire yourself by swimming too fast.
-          Keep healthy and fit.

Have fun!

Source: Excursion, an old Italian book. 

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