Jan 6, 2017

About the U.K.

United KingdomGeography
Great Britain is a big island in western Europe. The Atlantic Ocean borders Britain to the west, and the North Sea borders it to the east. The Channel divides Britain from the Continent, while the Irish Sea divides it from lreland.
The British landscape is very varied. In Scotland there are high mountains like Ben Nevis, and in Wales there is Snowdonia. The Pennines, a range mountains, go all the way down the middle of England. There are also famous lakes in the north of England. Along the south coast are long sandy beaches.
The United Kingdom consists of the island of Great Britain (England in the south, Wales in the west and Scotland in the north) and Northern Ireland — the northern part of Ireland. The UK is a country with a constitutional monarchy — a parliamentary democracy and a Queen.
London BridgeFacts about the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
Official name: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Capital City: London.
Population: over 60 million.
Flag: Union Jack.
Size: 244,000 sq km.
Money: The official money is the pound sterling. £1 = 100p (pence).
The head of Queen Elizabeth appears on the notes and coins.
Night London
Language The official language is English. In Wales around 30,000 people speak only Welsh. In Scotland about 350 people speak only Gaelic.
Major business cities: London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow.
Member of... UN, EU (from 1973 to 2016 Brexit), NATO, Commonwealth, G7, Council of Europe.
Some things Britain is famous for: tea, marmalade, beer, fish and chips, clothes, weather, tartan, the Queen.
Hobbies: DIY, sport, gardening, pets, TV, collecting things, fishing.
Sports: cricket, football, golf, rugby.

Source: Excursion, an old Italian book. 

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