Jan 14, 2017

Francis Drake and the Spanish gold

Francis Drake and the Spanish gold
     Drake was one of the greatest English seamen in the times of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). At first he was a pirate, but, as he had rendered many services to the English Navy in the war against Spain, Queen Elizabeth appointed him admiral.
     Here is one of his adventures.
     He had been informed that the Spaniards were going to carry a great quantity of gold and silver from Panama to Nombre de Dios. He landed with twenty of his sailors not far from Nombre de Dios and hid in the forest along the path where the Spanish soldiers carrying the treasure were to pass.
     They waited all night and when at dawn the Spaniards arrived, A there was a short but fierce sc struggle. The Spanish soldiers were overcome and ran away abandoning the treasure.
Francis Drake
     The English sailors took all the gold and hurried to the beach. Unfortunately their ship was not there waiting for them, and what’s more, hundreds of Spaniards were chasing them.

     Drake didn’t lose heart. He quickly built a raft with logs and started looking for his ship. He struggled for many hours against the waves, but, at last, he succeeded in reaching his ship, and so he was able to sail back home with all his sailors and treasure.

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