Jan 10, 2017

Arthur becomes King

     Many centuries ago, in the times of the Saxon invasions, Britain was ruled by a king named Uther Pendragon.
King Arthur
     As it was not a peaceful time, Pendragon’s son, Arthur, was entrusted to a nobleman named Hector who brought him up together with his son Kay, without knowing that Arthur was the king’s son.
     When Pendragon died, Merlin the Magician advised the Archbishop of Canterbury to summon a meeting of Lords and Gentlemen.
     So he did and at Christmas many Lords and Knights gathered in a large London church.
     The Archbishop, pointing at a sword stuck in the middle of a large stone, said: “the man who succeeds in pulling the sword Out of the stone will be the true King of England”.
     All the Knights tried but they did not succeed in pulling the sword out.
     Then the Archbishop invited all the Knights for a tournament at Easter and among these there were also Sir Hector, his son Kay and Arthur.
     During the tournament, Sir Kay’s sword was broken and Arthur, who had seen the sword in the church, went there, pulled the sword out of the stone without any difficulty, and took it to Sir Kay.

     When the Knights knew that Arthur had been able to pull the sword out of the stone, they pro-claimed him King of England. 

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