Oct 31, 2016

Trick or treat? Happy Halloween

Trick or treat? Happy Halloween
Halloween carving pumpkin Loving San Francisco
    On the eve of All Saints’ Day many countries observe a yearly celebration. 
     It has very remote origins that date back to ancient Celtic and Anglo–Saxon traditions. 
Halloween Fritters ghosts pumpkins Loving San Francisco
     According to the legend, the wandering spirits come back on the night of October 31 in search of a body to possess. 
     The Celts believed that on this magical night all physical laws, that govern time and space were suspended, making possible the fusion between real world and afterlife. To avoid to be possessed, the farmers of the villages made ​​their homes cold and undesirable extinguishing the fires in the fireplaces. They disguised as monsters and roamed the streets to scare away the spirits without being recognized. To illuminate the path they carved a pumpkin and incorporated in that a candle, like a lantern. 
   31 October is Halloween, the night when witches, ghosts, demons and other scary things come out to haunt people. Children dress up in costumes and go “Trick or treat” to each house in the neighbourhood. If the neighbours don’t give them sweets, the children play a trick on them. 
Halloween Lego e ornamental pumpkins Loving San Francisco

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