Oct 6, 2016

Along the paths of identity

     In the work retracing the milestones of life of every individual unconsciously searching for their own identity. Through childhood, adolescence and adulthood, people begins to relate with others debuting in society in certain peculiar areas: in parenting, school, friendships, work and marriage. 
Reading book Silvana Calabrese Loving San Francisco
     Relationships become more stable and personality become coherent and unified from the point of being able to practice self marketing. At the end of the trip, a prize, the antidote to face the hardships contemporaries.
     The topic addressed, because it is a constant reminder that we are subjected. During a walk we happen to think back to a past event that has affected; remind the education that our parents have taught us, we reflect on our life project. We could discuss about the syllogism of Christian doctrine which we are brothers, but in fact there are numerous elements that unite us in every part of the globe.
     The text allows you to take a metaphorical journey with route to self-knowledge.
     For what readership
Along the paths of identity Silvana Calabrese
     For all those who, having reached a ripe old age, they want to sit comfortably in an armchair and customize this reading transporting us on the memory lane. For those who need to be reconciled with themselves. For those parents who have forgotten that they are the first educators of their children because much of what we become as adults is decided during the childhood years.
     For those who have devoted chapter Marriage: the path of compromise.
     For those who will be surprised to discover how the factors of identity are closely linked and protected by the Civil and Penal Codes and by the Constitution of the Italian Republic.
     For those who need to "learn to believe in what we do still not see".
     The cover 
     The paths of identity may be winding or steep. Require caution. That motivated the cover: a warning indicates a slippery road and abrogate abrupt maneuvers. We would expect the image of the car, but there is a fingerprint, a distinctive feature of identity. Stands the signal vantage point, to remember the existence observing the stages of life: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, followed by the debut into society through school, friendship, work and marriage. The reader will be provided with the requirements for self marketing practice and the antidote to the contemporaries discomfort. 

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