Oct 24, 2016

Discovering the city of Bari part 3

Discovering the city of Bari part 3
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Bari Mincuzzi Palace Loving San Francisco
     The new city…From the old quarter, passing under the arches of Piazza Chiurlia, you can arrive in the Murat Quarter, the heart of the city with its shops, offices and fashionable restaurants. The streets of the Murat Quarter are on a grid pattern, but is very easy to orient oneself.
Via Sparano is worth mentioning: it’s famous for its shops of luxury goods, such as the wonderful Palazzo Mincuzzi.
     Corso Vittorio Emanuele is rich in restaurants, a large tree-lines road ideal for walking leisurely. Here you can find the Palace of the Prefecture near Piazza Massari, which is the terminal of many buses and taxi ranks.
Palazzo Fizzarotti Bari Loving San Francisco
     Opposite the Palace of the Prefecture stands the Town Hall and the Piccinni Theatre with its “Doric” arcade; the Palazzo Fizzarotti is farther on. This place is the remains of a Venetian work of art dating back to the XXth century and it’s a sign of the popularity of Venice that can be seen in many towns on the Adriatic Sea. Piazza Garibaldi stands at the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele and divides it from the Libertà Quarter. Corso Cavour is one of the sides of the Murat Quarter, at the beginning of Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Here you can find the Margherita Theatre built on piles in the sea.
     Following the tree-lined boulevard of Corso Cavour, on the left we have: the buildings of the Bank of Italy, the Chamber of Commerce and the Petruzzelli Theatre
Bari Petruzzelli theatre Loving San Francisco
     On the right side of the theatre you have Via Cognetti with the Palazzo dell’Acquedotto Pugliese built in 1932. Inside the decorations of Duilio Cambellotti celebrate the important symbol of water and the Apulian waterworkd, which is the biggest in Europe.

     The modern airport of Bari-Palese, rebuilt in 2005 and dedicated to Karol Wojtyla, is the terminal of many airline companies, while the road links are guaranteed by buses and other public transport.

     The harbour of Bari is one of the most important ports of call of the Mediterranean Sea fro passengers and holiday cruisers. It has direct sea links with the Balkans, Greece and Turkey.

     The marked commercial ability of the city of Bari offers cheap and high quality shopping: from the top brands to the famous bookshops of the publishers Laterza or Feltrinelli. The centre of the town is rich in shops. We suggest you go shopping in Corso Cavour, Via Sparano or Via Manzoni, especially when the sales are on with good discounts. We also suggest you see the various products in ceramics and try the typical specialities such as the fine wines and olive oils or dairy products and foodstuffs (such as bread, sweets…).

orecchiette Bari Loving San Francisco
     The gastronomic tradition is part of the culture of Bari: here you will eat very well. We suggest you taste the “orecchiette” woth turnip tops. The “braciole” (horsemeat, beef or veal), the raw sea urchins in delicate sauces, the raw anchovies served as a fine tartare, the sea food salads and green olives or fried olives, worth mentioning are the eating grapes and typical sweets made during the religious feasts.

Cartellate Bari Loving San Francisco
     At Christmas you can taste the “cartellate” which are crisp fritters with a wine dressing made of grapes or figs. For the day of San Giuseppe “zeppole” (fried doughnuts) are usually made. 
     At Easter you can taste almond paste sweets, the “scarcelle”, loaves of shortcrust decorated with hard-boiled eggs. A particular speciality is the very thin pizza of many different flavoured types. The elegant restaurants in the centre of the city and the typical trattorias in the old quarter offer genuine products at very cheap prices compared to other big cities. 

     Source: Flash Tour, printed in Italy on 2007. 
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