Sep 9, 2016

I no longer believe in this society

     My name is Silvana Calabrese, graduated student in Communication Sciences at the University of Bari, writing to express my deep disappointment about different topics.
Silvana Calabrese Loving San Francisco
     What prompts me to write to you is the deep anxiety that loom me recently. It concerns my future career on which hangs the darkest darkness. But reflecting on it I came to the conclusion that unemployment is the lesser of evils in our society. Any initiative healthy and constructive comes to mind of a young person inevitably encounters some insurmountable obstacles. And there is no greater outrage that the nature of these obstacles. I have little more than twenty-two years ago and I think I’m too young to have already lost faith and hope, and I not only speak of faith in God, who blame him for having given us free will, the more unhappy decision that could take because no man is able to manage themselves. I no longer believe in the society in which I live.
     I’ll do some example from my own life. I am the author of a book, a scientific paper in which writing I thought a lot. But to take off my work has been a hell. Publishers to whom I turned really appreciated the content, the problem was my lack of notoriety. During the heated discussions with them it has been pulled out a name: Franzoni. It was explained to me that the company would prefer to read her book because of the attraction provoked by bloody crime events even if linked to the brutal murder of a child.
     On the tastes we shouldn’t discuss but there is a limit to everything. Over the years have been lost some of the values ​​that made us human, but now we have retained only the human form. At the same moment when I felt frustrated for my book I was struck by a news: "He invested four boys: now he’s a star. € 50 thousand to write the book. Is how he should collect Marco Ahmetovic, the twenty-two years old Rumanian sentenced to six years a half in the first instance for the massacre of Appignano del Tronto, where died, hit by the van drunk nomadic, four young of the small town near Ascoli Piceno".
     I don’t think is necessary to comment the news. We have dismounted. Every action has its consequences, the worst is yet to come, but we are still on time for a turnaround. It’s not the society changing, but individuals who compose it.
     I highly doubt that I received a response, people don’t ever deny. 
     Source "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, June 25, 2009, p. 24.

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