Sep 19, 2016

How to make success? The secret of success

The secret of success in demeritocratic age
     A rapidly scale ranking of the well-guarded and unveiled secrets, that the first place belonged to the recipe for Coca-Cola, is the secret of success. The publishing industry is full of recipes to be successful and also the great historical figures had spread their view: the British Prime Minister Churchill stated that we should never, never, never give up; and the U.S.A. president F. D. Roosevelt in his inaugural speech of his mandate argued that the only thing to fear was the same fear. 
Silvana Calabrese Loving San Francisco
     Bellino makes it a "Philosophy of success" and explains the main constant: the ability to withstand hard work and sacrifices. There are texts that suggest the achievement of personal fulfillment by passing some stages. Undertake a goal, a target, producing motivation and great determination. Is important to prepare us for the achievement of the target set. Be needed initiative, action, willpower and constant propulsion, because barriers were not slow to appear, and ingenuity and resourcefulness to overcome them and continue along the path due to the effect of perseverance and tenacity. The project needs confidence in their abilities. 
     The path should lead to a "golden door", beyond which we’ll be able to reap the fruits of our labor. All this presupposes a substratum of meritocracy in granting the opportunity for which we engage. If this ingredient is missing, let me divulge the recipe suitable to the context. Concentrate and try to focus on your dream, not what you have to transfer from the drawer in the wardrobe with three doors, but that to be made with the concern. Done? Now imagine the path to follow in order to achieve and crown that ambition. Done? Now take the opposite route. I’m sober, lucid and recovering from a survey conducted in the city: the candidates in an open competition motivate their choice by claiming that they do it only for money and win. Who was running for passion, but of course also for economic stability, will not find location for his/her promising talent. Remember those entrepreneurs who expressed disgust at the young people who during the job interview asked the amount of pay? It was just an excuse, because whoever breaks them back saying he/she didn’t have great financial claims is not given equally. 
     Source "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, March 12, 2012, p. 22.

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