Aug 5, 2016

Venture Capital: I understand what is the missing figurine

     The flexibility on the one hand deny us the conclusion of an employment contract for an indefinite period or turning on a mortgage, not to mention raising a family, and on the other hand requires us to wide-ranging shift, possibly abroad, to looking for a job.
Silvana Calabrese Venture Capital Loving San Francisco
     We contracted the virus that is globalization that has weakened our immune system, making us unable to respond to change, with the promise that the world-wide integration combined with the development of the Web would offer more job opportunities.
     History teaches us that the United States has been a beacon (lighthouse) for Europe, especially after the devastation of World War II, and it’s often from the United States that we have learned new ideas. I’m reminded one. Venture Capital are firms or entrepreneurs who are dealing with finance innovative ideas of those who can’t afford the costs associated with the start of the project. Finance and don’t ask for money, but enter into society and then gradually detach. It’s to a Venture Capital who have turned the young students founders of Google. In Italy there are thin forms, you could say in its embryonic phase.
     As a child I had an album that still guard jealously. I could not finish it, but I found the solution on the last page: "The publishing house Edigamma ensures that you have put up for sale figurine rare. The whole series was printed in the same amount and put on sale at the same time, so the album should be completed very easily. However to facilitate the completion of the album the Edigamma gives the possibility to request the missing figurines". I found the missing figurine "Venture Capital". Can I apply it? 
     Source "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, March 23, 2010, p. 27.

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