Aug 1, 2016

The exhausting hustle of being a woman

On the flap of the first book I reviewed there was an inscription: «Being a woman is a great mystery». That won me over immediately, but to my amazement I had to precede the professional need to understand the deep meaning to do reviewal justice to a text that propose to give voice to many of those women prey of cultural backwardness of their country. The feminine condition includes the mystery of life with the magic of pregnancy. Woman is a guarantee of reproduction and continuity in a world that has never given them a place of honor on the social convoy. With a quick and concise digression I’m trying to draft the stages experienced in the historic itinerary  stained with pink.
Silvana Calabrese The exhausting hustle of being a woman Loving San Francisco
In the past the woman was subjugate by men (father, brother, husband) and too often abused. With the evolution of society, the fair sex has found itself immersed in a context that condemns it. Like a tightrope walker the modern woman, always busy, achieves high levels of study; pursues the ambition of being a worker, with her eyes fixed on her biological clock, finds a presumed life partner and gives birth to the offspring; sees reduced the time available for her, but she can’t count on the collaboration of her husband (is rare). The Italian society doesn’t grant services that permit the reconciliation of the many areas of her life because Italy is the tail–end in Europe in terms of family policies. For example is very small the number of business nurseries, real circles reserved for few elected. In addition, the qualifications obtained with sacrifices, not yet allow her to occupy important job positions, a clear sign of androcracy.
Recently, it has outlined a new phenomenon that seems not destined to end. This is the feminicide. It’s unclear if we can speak of a degeneration of sexism that pragmatically demonstrated the physical superiority of men over women. However, it’s a gender violence, domestic and otherwise, perpetrated against women which is/was connected. Statistics have now developed macabre bulletins, in newscasts never fails the news that we wouldn’t want to hear. What’s happening? Often the woman has agreed to stand as an object of desire with the help of the media system, but there’s an insurmountable barrier that every mother should tell to their son: respect towards women. On this you mustn’t discuss, ever. 
Source: “La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno”, an italian newspaper, March 22, 2014 , p. 24.

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