Aug 9, 2016

Book review: “Manual of writing and communication”

Book review Manual of writing and communication Loving San Francisco
     In a social context in which the writers (often presumed) dominate, in numbers, the readers is necessary a manual as a guide to unravel the intricate world of everyday written and spoken communication. It’s a “vademecum” specified for the university and the company, but I would add for our life. Knowing how to write or speak in an appropriate way to every situations is often an underestimated subject, but omnipresent. Our son have to summarize a tale, the completion of a competition provides the writing of an essay, at the university is vital to know how to take notes for each lesson; at the end of academic studies we must realize a thesis, which involves choosing a topic, planning, gather information by reading books and articles, the final dissertation in public, we begin to hunt for a job armed with résumé; we drag grammar doubts as an Achilles’ heel, we are struggling with letters of different mold which imply different ways of writing, if sent them, or decryption, if received them, and then there’s the advanced Italian, a door of heaven for which not Peter, but your culture will allow you to open it and cross it.
     We facilitated by telematics which makes rapid communication, but it’s our task to overcome the insurmountable difficulties that arise from a neglected language. 
     Authors F. bruni – G. alfieri – S. fornasiero – S. tamiozzo goldman, Handbook of writing and communication. For the university and the company, Zanichelli, Bologna 2013, p. 544.

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