Jun 22, 2016

Dollhouse Model in Victorian style

Dollhouse Model in Victorian style
     There are small and big dreams. A big dream is to own your own home and it’s also the classic American dream. It isn’t always possible. So may reduced it in scale obviating all taxes that a real house involves. Having a dollhouse is the desire of every little woman.
     Realize one in Victorian style with interior lighting (by series circuit) was my idea. I’m referring to those houses provided with the characteristic half hexagonal prism that protrudes from the front side.
     It’s pure model–making. I made a sketch, then a project with the material list. I created the shapes on the plywood or on the “docile” balsa wood and I carved it with hacksaw and elbow grease. I drawn the windows and the entrance door. I painted the roof and facades with acrylic colors (indelible). Dusting off the technical education notions about circuits I have provided lighting to the rooms of the two floors.
     Built in three weeks.
     In the picture: a Victorian dollhouse model.

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