Jun 21, 2016

All mysteries are solved

All mysteries are solved Loving San Francisco
     All mysteries are solved is a scientific paper inclined to revalue the ubiquitous challenge that arises between an extraordinary phenomenon and reason, and science prevails. Is projected a compelling science, far away from what they used to avoid at school. The scientific notions reported are toward to a careful exploration of natural phenomena that surround us.
     Its strenght is the uniqueness combined with the propensity to investigative journalism in a publishing market filled with volumes that analyze the "unsolved" mysteries, the "outstanding." Puzzles. The text is innovative and unique, because it offers the solution to the most sensational mysteries, which have been the subject of essays and novels for many years.
     Reading is suitable for all age groups because of the clarity with which the contents are exposed. The volume can be appreciated by the curious, the skepticals, it’s ideal for documentaries fans or for a member of science profession.
     For those who loves to travel, this book offers different destinations all over the world.
- Rennes-le-Chateau: relationship with the Holy Grail?
- Crop Circles: unknown or highly decorative skill?
- Limbo of the dispersed or scattered science notions?
- Inhabited lakes? Loch Ness .. and not only!!
- Atlantis: the vanished continent or never existed?
- Mu: the lost continent and maybe recovered
- The Faces of Bélmez: paranormal or chemical phenomena?
- Lifeforms with boundless intelligence: and they would put in contact with us?
- Special Edition: urgent reopening of the UFO case. Alien base in the Musinè mountain. It will not be just another false alarm?
- The charm of Peru, the Nazca lines
- The Abominable Snowman, a fine fur
- Dendera Lamps: an early lighting
- Crystal Skulls: but use your head!
- Easter Island: a remote small dot in the ocean vastness
- Stonehenge and Avebury. Which are the technologies of prehistory?
- The pyramids: an emblem of the ancient Egypt
- High stature: a desire for all mothers. But a disproportionate stature?
- Coral Castle. We’ve discovered how to overcome the gravity force and we have not noticed?

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