Feb 24, 2017

John Fitzgerald Kennedy's courage

John Fitzgerald Kennedy president
J. F. Kennedy, the late president of the United States of America, was very brave and active since he was young.
During the Second World War he enlisted in the Navy and as he showed a great sense of responsibility on several occasions, he was given the command of a torpedo boat.
On an August night his ship was sunk by a Japanese destroyer not far from the Solomon Islands. Kennedy and the ten survivors swam for many hours till they reached an island but what is astonishing is that Kennedy, though he was wounded, succeeded in bringing ashore one of his sailors who was badly hurt. As the island was deserted, the next morning Kennedy and his sailors moved to another island and from this to a third one. There, at last, they found some friendly Melanesians who helped them and carried Kennedy on board an Australian ship. 
The ship’s radio transmitted the survivors’ position and at last all of them were saved. 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy president

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