Feb 14, 2017

Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson
     One of the first things a stranger can admire in Trafalgar Square is a high column with the statue of Horatio Nelson on top of it.
     Horatio Nelson was one of the greatest admirals of the British Royal Navy. He became a sailor at the age of twelve. Because of the courage and ability he had shown on several occasions he was appointed admiral when he was very young.
     During the occupation of Corsica he lost his right eye and in another battle his right arm was injured. On that occasion he was so brave that he continued to direct the military operations while his arm was amputated.
     He fought many battles against Napoleon and at Trafalgar he was fatally wounded just when victory was sure. 
     Although he was suffering great pain he had enough strength to direct the final stages of the battle. When he knew that the enemy fleet had been destroyed he said: “Now I am satisfied, thank God I have done my duty” and shortly after he died. 

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