Jun 26, 2017

The making of the U.S.A.

     At the end of the eighteenth century the thirteen English colonies in America rebelled against England. They wanted to have representatives in the English Parliament and refused to pay the heavy taxes imposed on them by the English Government.
     As the taxes were not cut down and as American representatives were not admitted to the English Parliament, the American Colonies decided to become independent from their mother-country.
The representatives from each colony met in congress in Philadelphia and gave the command of the American army to George Washington. This general proved to be a great military genius and in the first period of the war he succeeded to defeat the English at Boston.
     In 1776 Congress voted in favour of the Declaration of Independence.
     This declaration stated that all men are equal, that all have the right to life and liberty and that the thirteen colonies were the free and independent United States of America. 
     The English Government didn’t recognize the independence of these States and the war went on for several years. At last, in 1781 the American army definitely defeated the English at Yorktown with the help of a French fleet. Peace between England and the new independent States of America was signed in 1783. 
George Washington

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