Mar 30, 2017

S.O.S. Save Our Souls

It was a stormy night on the Atlantic Ocean.
The liner Carmania which was crossing the Atlantic bound for Europe, picked an S.O.S. signal coming from the ship Volturno. This liner was asking for help as she was on fire.
In spite of the storm, the Carmania proceeded at her maximum speed towards the ship on fire.
But she was not the only liner to go to the rescue.
At dawn ten vessels could be seen around the Volturno.
Something terrible had happened on board the burning ship: some passengers had thrown themselves into the sea to escape the fire and had been drowned; others had tried to save themselves in the life-boats, but most of these had capsized. The ships around could do nothing because of the rage of the storm. 
All the passengers would have died if a tanker hadn’t arrived. She poured her oil on the water and so the waves abated. All at once the ten liners lowered their life-boats and so all those who had remained on hoard the Volturno were saved. 

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