Dec 24, 2016

Dear children, the economic crisis has hit the North Pole of Santa Claus

Santa Claus challenge the crisis and like us tighten the belt
Christmas three with handmade angels
     We knew it would happen, only, we’ll hope that does not happen so soon. The economic crisis has reached the North Pole of Santa Claus. You will not receive gifts this year. The IMU (council tax only) is only the spark of the disaster. It all started with the rise in food prices: Santa Claus had, like many of us, "tighten their belts", which had to her belly an effect equal to gastric banding. So he lost several pounds and decreased him blood pressure. He’ll live longer, but hardship. The increase in excises on magic fuel that sets in motion the magic sleigh, only aesthetically pulled by reindeer, prevents it use. The gasoline that costs more than solid polar milk is the reason of huge disadvantages.
     Let us now turn to him employees, elves and goblins. Some of them ended up in layoffs; others took advantage of early retirement to avoid the heartbreaking experience to see the scenario of the end of a millenary tradition; others have had accidents at work: according to the input sheet to “glacialhospital” they have multiple and broken fractures caused by falls. In other words, have stumbled upon the ozone hole.
     The melting of glaciers caused by global warming caused the loss of several thousand square miles of his laboratory with toys, wrapping paper and glittering ribbons now irrecoverable, lost in the Arctic Ocean. Strange to say, but this event isn’t a problem because the cadastral plan was not declared in accordance with the actual size of the laboratory. They are small construction scams scattered here and there around the globe.
     Maybe this year should be sent, in a sealed envelope, a money order or a few bills that serves to restore the Arctic finances.
     However you can still write him, indeed continue to do so. Continue to believe in the magic of Christmas. Support the tradition even as adults and with the same heat of when pushed to make those, albeit, small projects (decorations, little crafts, greeting cards, little films, elegant table), but full of faith, joy, enthusiasm, perspicacity. 
     Source: "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno", an italian newspaper, December 15, 2012, p. 28.

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