Nov 18, 2016

How to survive in the jungle

Survive in the jungle Loving San Francisco
     The jungle is an exciting place, but it’s dark and dangerous if you aren’t well-prepared. Here are some guidelines to make your excursion safe.
     Wear strong, cotton clothes. You’ll get wet and need to change your clothes and wash them frequently.
     Don’t wear short sleeves or shorts. Wear a cotton hat. Wear strong boots, designed to dry easily. Avoid open necks and keep your sleeves rolled down. Carry a pullover for cool evenings.
     Take a lot of water in strong containers. Don’t drink any water without filtering and purifying it first. You’ll need a well equipped first-aid kit. Wear insect repellent bands on your wrist and ankles; and carry a mosquito net for sleeping.
Wilde Jungle Loving San Francisco
     Keep valuables on a string around your neck. A strong knife is very important for cutting your way through the vegetation; but don’t carry your knife in your hand when you’re not using it, keep it in your belt.
     Some tips
     Get an anti-malaria vaccination and take the prescribed medication. Don’t put on clothes before checking them for insects and snakes! Move backwards if you get trapped by vegetation. Don’t put insect repellent on your forehead as it will get in your eyes. Don’t travel during the heat of the day. Look for a campsite by 3 pm. If you can, sleep above the ground to protect you from animals, and splashing rain. Don’t eat unfamiliar fruit and plants. Keep all cuts covered. Eat well-balanced food. Drink a lot – jungle travel is dehydrating. 
     Source: Excursion, an old Italian book. 
Jungle Loving San Francisco

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